Desire to Eat Series – [Sugar], [Salt], [Fat]

A nutritionist-supervised health supplement for dietary countermeasures against "Sugar," "Salt," and "Fat."
Are you concerned about the sugar, salt, and fat in your diet?
This is a health supplement that supports customized weight loss strategies based on your diet and lifestyle.

30 capsules (10 to 30 days supply※1 to 3 capsules per day) for JPY998 (Including tax).


【Tabetaikamo `Sugar` for Sugar Management】

Excessive intake of sugar can be stored as excess fat.
Through glycation bacteria (straw bacillus x natto bacillus), excessive sugar intake is converted into oligosaccharides that are not absorbed as sugar. Additionally, ingredients such as "white kidney bean extract," "wheatgrass," and "mulberry leaf extract" are added to better support sugar management.
Recommended for those who enjoy carbohydrates.


【Tabetaikamo `Salt`for Salt Management】

Excessive intake of salt can cause water retention and high blood pressure. We have carefully incorporated minerals from seaweed to effectively flush out excess salt intake, supporting the body in preventing salt accumulation.
Recommended for those who enjoy rich and salty flavors.


【Tabetaikamo `Fat` for Fat Management】

Excessive intake of fats is said to not only lead to increased visceral fat but also promote harmful bacteria in the intestines. We have included a patented ingredient called "Fat Adsorption Super (Chitosan)" which can absorb and eliminate excess fat intake.
Recommended for consumption with greasy foods such as fast food and fried dishes.


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