”Functional food” QOLLABS Svelte Muse

Remedies for Leg and Facial Swelling

Volume: 60 capsules (approximately 30 days' supply)
Price: JPY2,980 (Including tax)

Not only suitable for foot swelling but also effective for facial swelling.

The polyphenolic compound, Hesperetin, found in lemons has gained attention as an internal method to reduce edema. Hesperetin not only alleviates leg swelling but also has clinical data supporting its effectiveness in facial swelling care.

Simultaneously Supports Body's Blood Circulation

We support the body's blood circulation by adding Butcher's Broom extract. Additionally, we promote a smooth blood circulation by incorporating active fibers.

It also has beauty benefits.

Containing Houttuynia cordata leaf extract, it not only improves swelling but also offers positive effects on beauty.

Raw materials

Dietary fiber (Manufactured in Germany), persimmon extract (dextrin, persimmon extract), brown algae extract, Houttuynia cordata leaf extract (dextrin, Houttuynia cordata leaf extract), moringa powder, plant extract (barley, adzuki bean, lotus seed fruit, purslane seed, sea cucumber, licorice) / hesperidin, sodium ferrous citrate, calcium stearate, processed starch, Vitamin B2, stabilizer (pullulan), silicon dioxide.


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