Supreme Heat Shot

Eternal beauty by +1℃ up
The most pouplar way of getting more beatiful and good shape, "Self-warming" supplement

90 capsules for 30 days / 12,000 yen

Be beautiful by lifting up 1℃.

1℃ higher temperature leads you to increase immune strength and metabolism, eventually to have healthy, slim, beautiful body.
Licaps, which is encapsulated liquid by patented method, makes the product iitself look beautiful as well.
For busy women in modern society like you, 3 capsules per day gives you inner health and beauty.

Low body temperature is an enemy of women. Easy access to your smart "Self-warming"

Carnipure, which contains 100% carnitine and promotes fat burn in a good combination with COQ10.
It is said that 1 ℃ up increases 30% of your immune strength, which assists your matabolism and diet.

Perfect completion

Encapsulated liquid in a capsule gives you a higher effect.
Liquid in capsule looks beautiful as well as effective.

Raw materials

L-carnitine, COQ10, Long pepper extract powder (Dextrine, Long pepper extract)/Lactic Acid Potassium, HPMC, Emulsifier (derived from Soy), Hesperidin, VB1


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